We deal with Polyethylene pond liner UAE and HDPE pond liner. Our aim is to provide the best pond liner for our customers in the town. The base of the pond is meant to be protected by leakage and damage, therefore, our focus is towards the liner. Our High-density Polyethylene pond liner is made with true material that help your pond in resistance from leakage, resistance to stress cracking and tend to offer superb quality monitoring. It is not an easy task to handle ponds as a huge quantity of water is to be expected. You can not make amendments now and then. You need to be very careful while hiring the company for setting up the pond, lake or canal project. Check out our Pond liner welding rod.

Our company has a team of professional technicians that are pro and have the skills of working over a large-scale project. It is not a joke nor you can hand over the project to anyone, much concentration is required and experience too, to achieve this level of success. It is the experience we have gained in these years due to which our skills have improved and the tricks can easily be done this way.


  1. 0.75mm Pond Liner, Size: 7m x 280m = 1960 sqm in 1 roll.
  2. 1mm Pond Sheet Liners, Size: 7m x 210m = 1470 sqm in 1 roll.
  3. 1.5mm Pond Liners, Size: 7m x 140m = 980 sqm in 1 roll.
  4. 2mm Pond Liner Sheet, Size: 7m x 108m = 735 sqm in 1 roll.
  5. 3mm Pond Sheet Liner, Size: 7m x 70m = 490 sqm in 1 roll.


Also, you can get PVC pond liner by our firm for your pond. Both PVC and HDPE pond liner are a reliable option for your pond lining. You will be glad, once you will get it installed for your pond. Our professional engineers can be hired for HDPE pond liner installation in Dubai UAE. The skills are to be trusted to achieve reliable results. Surely you will be glad once you opt for the services by our well skilled professional team.

High-density pond liner is required for the projects that are designed from the initial level, without such liners you cannot expect the success of the project. The ponds would leak or witness damage soon if this essential part is skipped. The modern world has made great advancements and has brought the latest solution for the customers who have low-budget for their projects. To ease their burden we have brought packages for them that offers great opportunities for our valuable customers.

Ponds look beautiful in a barren land, it can add a new life to the surrounding. Even if it is for domestic use, still it would cater beauty to the environment. Whatever the purpose is to construct a project including a pond in it. It will have a positive impact on the land and the surrounding. We intend to offer our clients with the solution through which they can turn their dreams into reality. Now you can hire us to design your pond. From the installation level to the final touches we will be pleased to offer our clients with the service you are looking for. HDPE Geomembrane.

For any detail, you can feel free to contact us. Our agents are available for your help and we will be glad to be part of your dream project. Either call us or visit our office near you. You can also have met with our engineers for more assistance. Most of the landscape company in Dubai use our HDPE system.

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